Friday, November 26, 2010

July: 2010

My Mom went to Dallas in July to have her stem cells removed & cleaned for a stem cell transplant. Since she was down there I thought it would be fun to go down there & spend a little time with them (& some serious alone time for me). At the end of the week, Johnathan & the girls decided to drive down to Plano to have a little family vacation. My brother, his wife & my niece also came down. We stayed at Johnathan's aunt & uncle's house in Plano (which was sooooo gracious) & had some good ol' fun. Enjoy our summer vacation pictures!

Bailey, Matt, Addison, & Johnathan. They LOVED playing with those two boys!
Matt & Johnathan doing the Freddy. Don't even ask!!!!
My niece Carter. I think she is about 3 months old here. I could just eat her UP!!
Bailey & Addison love their baby cousin!One of my most favorite pictures of Carter, EVER!
Carter with her Mom & Dad!