Friday, November 26, 2010

July: 2010

My Mom went to Dallas in July to have her stem cells removed & cleaned for a stem cell transplant. Since she was down there I thought it would be fun to go down there & spend a little time with them (& some serious alone time for me). At the end of the week, Johnathan & the girls decided to drive down to Plano to have a little family vacation. My brother, his wife & my niece also came down. We stayed at Johnathan's aunt & uncle's house in Plano (which was sooooo gracious) & had some good ol' fun. Enjoy our summer vacation pictures!

Bailey, Matt, Addison, & Johnathan. They LOVED playing with those two boys!
Matt & Johnathan doing the Freddy. Don't even ask!!!!
My niece Carter. I think she is about 3 months old here. I could just eat her UP!!
Bailey & Addison love their baby cousin!One of my most favorite pictures of Carter, EVER!
Carter with her Mom & Dad!

Our Lost Teeth!

Who would have thought that both girls would loose their first tooth on the same day?! Crazy right? I have decided not to be surprised by stuff like that anymore because it happens all too often. You might notice something othere than fingers or string trying to help yank that tooth out. Yep..... daddy thought plyers would work just as well as anything else to get those teeth out. To my dismay.... he did it! He didn't even disinfect it!!! Take a look at how it plays out!

Bailey was PUMPED to get her tooth pulled.Still seems pretty happy.....Maybe a little worried?!.....Addison holding Bailey's hand. I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!Tooth out! Don't be mistaken, it was Bailey's tooth that ws just pulled, not Addison's. She was soooo sensitve about her sister getting hurt.And there it is..... our first pulled baby tooth!
Bailey showing off the tooth! She is so sassy!

Addison's turn. She is the one in the yellow top & isn't so sure about this whole thing!!
I am pretty sure daddy just promised her a surprise if she let him pull out her tooth.
There it is! Addison's first lost tooth! YEA!!!
They did sooooo good! And who doesn't like ice cream as a surprise snack!

June: 2010

June!!! The month of birthday's & summertime! We didn't do much this month. I take that back, we played outside A LOT!!! Enjoy the pictures from July!

Cousin's: Bailey, Mia, & Addison
Eisley: The cutest thing EVER!!Cousins (minus one)Our June birthday's: My dad, Jody, & MiaNana & Grandad with their grandgirlsMia had such a fun birthday. Jody turned the backyard into a movie theatre. There was popcorn, cotton candy & cake. What more could a girl ask for? Happy 5th Birthday Mia Jaymes!!! We love you!The Wilson FamilyNana & Grandad with the girls!
Sarah, Leah, my Mom, & Me

Thursday, October 28, 2010

May: 2010

The month of May was the ending of an era...... No more pre-school for these sweet girls!! I celebrated my 4th Mother's Day at a sweet little brunch the girls had at pre-school. It was the sweetest thing ever! It is times like this I just sit back & praise the Lord for such sweet girls! We went to my niece's pre-school graduation which was soooooo great! Where does the time go? We also went to Plano to visit some of Johnathan's family!! We always have such a wonderful time with them!!! Here are a few pictures from May! Enjoy!

My Mother's Day brunch. Look at that tablescape!! I will cherish those handprints FOREVER!

We were so greatful that we were able to spend Mother's Day with my Mom. She had been diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer in January, so to spend it with her was priceless. The girls made this plate with their handprints for her for Mother's Day. She LOVED it! I'm not sure how much longer we are going to be able to fit all these little hands on a plate!
This was crazy day at school. The person who looked the "craziest" got a prize at school. Needless to say.... these two girls won!!
My parents with 4 of their 5 grandgirls. SOOOOO great!
Mia specifically asked for a picture with me. I LOVE HER!!!
This was the last day of Pre-school. Addison was trying to warm Bailey up!
Addison hamming it up!
Bailey with my one chance to get her picture! She was out of there right after I took this picture!
These are a couple of the girls' sweet friends from pre-school at their last day of school party.
PLANO!!! Need I say more?

Let's Play Catch-Up!!!

So...... It has been over 6 months since the last time I blogged. I could make a lot of excuses as to why I haven't, but the truth is that I have just been overwhelmed with life. That being said, I am going to update my blog going all the way back to April 15, 2010. The next few blogs will be bits & pieces of the past 6 months. I really am going to try & stay updated, not only for family, but for myself to look back on. Now..... on to April, 2010!!!

On April 15, 2010 my brother & his wife welcomed a sweet baby girl into their lives. It is only fitting that Leah had Carter Paige Jackson on the 15th as my dad is a CPA & the 15th is obviously an important day for them! She was born 1 week late & was PERFECT!! Here are a few of the pictures we captured on that early Thursday morning. Enjoy!
Johnathan & I waiting on our 3rd Niece!! If we are going to wait, we might as well be comfy!!
Introducing Miss Carter Paige Jackson
Leah, Matt, & Carter Jackson
Nana & Grandad with all 5 of their Granddaughters.
Sweet cousins!
Bailey & Addison checking out their new baby cousin.
Uncle John & Carter
Me & Sweet Carter
Me, Matt & Sarah with Carter! We couldn't be more happy for our brother!
Dad & Matt . My Dad is SOOOOO Proud!Meemaw & Papa Jackson with their newest great-granddaughter!
Meemaw & Papa Wybiral with their newest Great-Granddaughter!